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WTNV Headcanon Time 


That’s right kids, we’re gonna talk about my headcanon that ties in with the new episode, The September Monologues.

We now know it’s canon that Cecil has a sister. My headcanon is that she’s a transwomen.

I say this because in episode 33, Cassette, young Cecil mentions having a brother on his tapes, but right after that current Cecil says, “I don’t remember having a brother.”

So I believe that Cecil’s sister came out as trans after Cecil had made the tapes. Aka Cecil doesn’t have a brother and never did.

Oh! Um…hey. I’m Marcus, but you already knew that.

Carlos: No. No. It’s scientifically impossible. Don’t do this to him.

Cecil: All of the Carlos.

Cecil: Well-

Carlos: Shh…Yes.

Carlos: Commitment.

Cecil: Sacrifices! Like humans and various entities, naturally.

Cecil: You stay away.

Carlos: Save a horse, ride a cowboy.